Marie Antoinette


MarieAntoinette_002_SaraNguyenMarieAntoinette_007_SaraNguyenMarieAntoinette_004_SaraNguyen (2)MarieAntoinette_006_SaraNguyen

Model: Saga Björk
Photographer: Sara Nguyen

As I may have earlier written, I have wanted to do more planned photoshoots and take the time to edit. So when Saga told me in the spring that she has a Marie Antoinette costume on a lunch break  in the spring I knew we had to do this photoshoot. We decided to take the photos in a studio and  I chose to keep it simple with only one flash setting. She did an amazing job with the styling and make up. Thank you Saga for a great collaboration!


The Aspegren Garden




A month ago Mathias and I went location scouting for a photo shoot I had planned during my stay in Pietarsaari. We went visiting The Aspegren Garden there. We saw some sheeps, different plants and rose bushes. He took some photos of me as I did of him. I usually strive for colors in photos, even though I also like black and white photos. I decided to edit these in black and white, and I very happy with the result especially the second portrait of Mathias.


Pastel colors


Model: Kaneli Johansson

I realized that there are some photoshoots from April that I haven’t yet published. These photos of Kaneli were shot on one of the very first days when it started to feel like spring. When I shoot streetstyle photos I try often to find a background that will bring out the colors in the clothes and very often I try to find a color scale that matches the outfit. So we found some beautiful pastel colored buildings in the area she lives in, Katajanokka.


Cherry Blossom Tree

fredrika_saranguyen_cherryblossoms1fredrika_saranguyen_cherryblossoms2fredrika_saranguyen_cherryblossoms3Model: Fredrika Lindgren

I’ve always thought of take portraits in front of a cherry blossom tree but haven’t had the chance to yet to do that. So when a friend of mine snapchatted about one in Turku, I had to immediately try to find that tree. I asked Fredrika if she wanted to model for me which she gladly did. And also she happened to have her birthday the day after.

This was like over one month ago. I’ve been busy with enjoying the nice weather, celebrating my graduation and volonteering at The Shift Business festival here in Turku. So this week I finally started to look through photos I have taken during the spring. The blossoming nature during the summer is so inspiring, because I prefer shooting on location with natural light.

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And then came May

cherry blossoms


The weather here in Turku has been really beautiful these past weeks. It’s been so sunny and warm. So when the cherry blossoms started to bloom I had to capture them. I just finished all study related stuff and deadlines last week so now I have time with editing photos.

It feels really great to soon be a bachelor of law graduate. It has been one of the most challenging things I have done in my life. But it was worth it, because I have now a better knowledge of the society and law than before. As a fashion enthusiast I have become more aware of my own purchases, that’s why a big amount of my wardrobe is second hand. Yet the fashion industry still has much to improve when it comes to human rights.





Model: Jenna Reijo

The majority of the people I have had a photoshoot with are either a friend or someone I have a slightly acquiantance with. So in the beginning of April I decided to get out my comfort zone and took  for the first time portraits of a Finnish speaking model. We shot these portraits in the evening behind the Sibelius Museum in Turku.

Lately I have felt that I’m not progressing so much with my photography. But then again I realized that fashion photography is 80 % styling and 20 % photography. So from now on I’ll try to be more conceptual and really try new photo techniques, poses and angles.

Blue and grey


Myfashionsafari_saranguyen_aprilModel: Matilda Wikblom

Now when I post these photos, the snow has already melted and summer is getting closer. I have a couple photo projects I’m working on but for the upcoming week I’ll be busy with my studies.

In the meanwhile I would like to have feedback regarding my blog. Is there anything you would like to read about? If you have any questions I would gladly answer them. Feel free to comment below, thanks!