Cherry Blossom Tree

fredrika_saranguyen_cherryblossoms1fredrika_saranguyen_cherryblossoms2fredrika_saranguyen_cherryblossoms3Model: Fredrika Lindgren

I’ve always thought of take portraits in front of a cherry blossom tree but haven’t had the chance to yet to do that. So when a friend of mine snapchatted about one in Turku, I had to immediately try to find that tree. I asked Fredrika if she wanted to model for me which she gladly did. And also she happened to have her birthday the day after.

This was like over one month ago. I’ve been busy with enjoying the nice weather, celebrating my graduation and volonteering at The Shift Business festival here in Turku. So this week I finally started to look through photos I have taken during the spring. The blossoming nature during the summer is so inspiring, because I prefer shooting on location with natural light.

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3 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Tree

  1. Oj så fina bilder! Jag måsta riktigt fundera var bilderna är tagna för det såg så bekant ut, sen kom jag på att jag bor granne med det där huset, haha :)


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