Autumn Leaves part I




Model: Kaneli Johansson

Over the past  years I have shot a lot of photos and only a few of them will be published. I realized that there were many nice shots from this photo shoot that haven’t seen daylight yet.

I moved abroad for exchange studies at Lund University during the autumn semester 2014. Even if it was not so far from home, it was a great experience to live in southern Sweden and I met so many nice people there. One of the person I got acquainted with was Kaneli. At that time I didn’t take so many photos because I was busy studying law and didn’t know anyone that would like to model for me or I was too shy to ask. However I went by bike one day, saw this beautiful building with these leaves and texted Kaneli that we should do a photo shoot here.  We went also to the Botanical Garden and took more photos. I guess this was the turning point that made me realizing that having creative projects is essential for my own well-being.

Part two of this photo series will be published later.



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