New website

Happy new year, dear blog readers!

I have been very inactive with the blog and instagram lately, because I have been building a new website. Now it’s finally ready. The Photo Diary blog will from now on continue over there together with my portfolio.  Follow me on bloglovin.



Model: Fredrik Enges

I was going through my harddrive and found these that I haven’t shared yet. I took these of my artist friend Fredrik in April while I was visiting Helsinki. I choose the concrete walls as a background because of his style is very clean and minimalist. In the beginning when I started with photography, I dreamt about having a lot of photo props in my photoshoots like e.g. Tim Walker. Well, I still do that but I have also started to appreciate simple portraits more.

Dark Beauty





Model: Eisheth Antagony

As the Autumn colors faded and left with washed out colors, I got inspired to shoot a gothic look in the high grass. So I asked the alternative model Eisheth Antagony to collaborate with me, because I felt that her style and look would be a great match with the idea I had in my head. We did this photoshoot one month ago. The photoshoot and look turned out to be a little bit different than my original plan but in a good way. It is something exciting with starting with a project and see how it evolves, what kind of new perspectives you get along the way.

Walt Miguel





After I have had so many floral and feminine photoshoots during the last six months, I felt that I needed a new perspective. The majority of people who have posed in front of the camera for me are female. So it was really great that an acquaintance of mine Walter Fellman, aka. Walt Miguel, wanted to collaborate with me and take some promo photos. He is an independent hip hop music producer and rapper. You can listen to his album Mouth to Mic Ratio here.

We did the photoshoot on a Sunday afternoon two weeks ago, in the university area in front of Arken and Sibelius Museum. I like especially the grey walls of Sibelius museum for a minimalist look, photo location tip for photographers out there in Turku!

An afternoon in June




My friend Matilda and I went to Skolparken in Pietarsaari in June to take some casual photos of her outfit. You can find her blog here. Because photography is something I do as a hobby right now I have been busy with other things. So these photos get published when it’s no more shorts weather here in Finland. But on the bright side, I can finally start planning new photoshoots for the autumn.



Rose Garden


Model: Sandra Holmäng
Photographer: Sara Nguyen

This is the second look Sandra and I shot at the same location at the Aspegren Garden. We continued with the concept of sheer fabric and florals but made a slightly modification. The first look  was more in line with the midsummer theme. This one with all the roses in the bushes and on her skirt and crystal earrings gave her a royal touch, almost like a Disney Princess.

Wild Grass


Model: Sandra Holmäng
Photographer: Sara Nguyen

Remember when I went with Mathias for location scouting for a photoshoot? Well, this is how the actual photoshoot turned out. The photoshoot was scheduled on the same week as midsummer. The weather was very unstable but we managed to finish the photoshoot before it started to rain.

Last year I wrote a blogpost that I’ve always come back to the feminime and romantic aesthetic every now and then. This summer I had this idea of sheer fabrics, flower crowns and wild grass fields in my head again. It all began with a moodboard I created in the beginning of summer. So I was very happy to have Sandra to help me realize this concept into photos. Basically I brought with me the flowers and Sandra packed her car with all the clothes that she thought would fit to the theme. We also did another outfit, but I will post them in another post.